Sleeping on silk not only feels amazing; it also looks amazing! 

HYDRATION: Silk blocks moisture from seeping away and therefore keeps your skin hydrated and refreshed!


ANTI-BACTERIAL & HYPOALLERGENIC: Sleeping on silk is just another step in your skin care routine in preventing acne break outs. The silk fabric fights away those sneaky dust mites trying to sleep next to you, and it’s less likely to absorb nasty chemicals from face and hair products. The Soie Pure silk pillowcase allows your skin to breathe and glow. Additionally, it decreases irritation on the skin which may result in damages, red spots, and rashes.


ANTI-WRINKLES & ANTI-AGING: Silk allows you to slide and shuffle without leaving those dreaded creases. Reduced friction for the hair means reduced split ends, frizz and bed head.

Your hair will be kept intact and undamaged when protected by luxurious silk!


TEMPERATURE REGULATING: Silk is the only Temperature adjustable fabric, which means it is naturally heat regulated, keeping the right body temperature for a perfect beauty sleep!